Bared to You

Sylvia Day, a California writer, who is responsible for the amazing success of her latest book (bared to you) has gained a huge global popularity. She is the list of best-selling books of the world. In fact, this book has sold more copies – in some American areas- than the famous and well known Fifty Shades of Grey.

Day, who is a former linguist for the U.S Army intelligence, had the dream of becoming a dolphin trainer. However, that dream didn’t happen and e she may be grateful today that it didn’t since as an author she has received amazing critiques. Her book has become a worldwide phenomenon and things couldn’t go better for her. So, maybe it’s a good thing that her second dream did come true: becoming a fiction a writer.  

She claims that she is not very disciplined when it comes to writing. She doesn’t work with schedules but just let the ideas come into her mind and then she gets captured and committed with the story’s plot. She is a very emotional and sensitive person who knows exactly how to balance her creative life and her personal life.  We encourage you to read more about Silvia Day and her amazing journey to her fulfilled dream. 

Chevron vs Shell Which Aditive is Better

More than years ago Chevron announced Techron, an engine cleaning additive that would improve the performance of cars and chevron vs shell‘s V-Power have compited ever since. Opinions are divided among users who are fateful to their favorite fuel. Both are good, there is no questions about it, but it is alarming that after 20 years, Chevron has not really said how effective the additive is.

Nobody knows what the additive really is but they claim that four or five tanks of Techron will clean deposits, valves and fuel injectors enhancing the performance of the vehicle. Newer engines need a cleaning fuel constantly as their engines have not that much tolerance for dirt and Chevron’s fuel with additive is the most sold in the US because, according to the research Centre of Chevron, their formula is the only one keeping the engine clean and the formula is patented and protected.

A few years ago, there was a huge marketing campaign led by Chevron that made consumers aware of the importance of a proper additive to keep clean the engine and sales went up. However, it is still not very clear if its popularity is due marketing or due to actual results, as no actual test are being perform to compare.